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About Daranich

Specializing in IDPA holsters, training holsters, and IWB holsters: Daranich Tactical is a company made up of firearms instructors, gunsmiths, and master competitive shooters. We believe strongly in the right equipment for the right application; whether carrying on the street or competing in a match. All products you see on our web-site are here because, after decades of product exploration, we have found them to be the best! If you see it here . . . , it is because we use it. Buy the right equipment the first time! If we can answer any questions, please feel free to contact us. Our web-site is still under construction, so please check back with us for new products and updates.

Be Responsible

We believe that responsible firearm ownership includes getting solid firearms instruction. We are proud to recommend the training from Shoot to Live. If you are in the North Carolina area and would like thorough, purposeful instruction you will not be disappointed. At the end of a course if you can look any of the instructors in the eye and say you did not get your money’s worth, they will give you a full refund. It has never happened and they have set their aim that it never will! Please click on the training link above to contact them.

Daranich Tactical Appendix Holster Daranich Tactical appendix Holster
DT Slim IWB Carry Holster
Our Price: $50.00
USPSA/IPSC Custom Dropped and Offset Holster Daranich Tactical Close Fit Tactical Holster